Chris Mountford is a senior software engineer with significant product development experience who has been actively researching, publishing, speaking and consulting on Bitcoin, Blockchains and Smart Contracts for several years. He is prominent in the Sydney Bitcoin community, presenting regularly at events, submitting policy recommendations for federal government initiatives into digital currencies, appearing in the press and a recent Bitcoin documentary. He is frequently cited as Australia's leading technical speaker on Bitcoin, blockchain and related technologies.

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July 2016 Chris joined panelists Andrew Hii, Emma Poposka and Tim Lea to discuss the infamous The DAO project which ran on the Ethereum network until its famous implosion and subsequent controversial Ethereum hard fork. High drama in blockchainland as always.

June 2016 Chris presented at Blockchain Professionals Sydney on Smart Contracts with Lawyer and smart contract specialist, Hannah Glass.

March 2016 I spoke at SXSW (South By South West) in Austin, Texas USA on Blockchains as the next application platform. Check out the video of my talk.

In 2015 Chris spoke at:

  • Stanford University Blockchain Workshops on Blockchain-based identity systems
  • DisruptoCon on Beyond Bitcoin as Money
  • Blockchain Professionals Sydney on The Current State of "Bitcoin 2.0" Projects.

There are a number of events happening in the Bitcoin space every week. Contact Chris for access to the Australian Bitcoin Calendar.


Here's the full video from my talk at SXSW March 2016.

Here's what some colleagues and I did to integrate Bitcoin into Atlassian's products - JIRA, Confluence and HipChat.

About Bitcoin & Blockchains

There are plenty of resources for beginners but be prepared for a puzzle. If you're new to Bitcoin it can take some time before you get your head around it.