Canadian Senate on Bitcoin with Andreas Antonopoulos

If you are still struggling to understand Bitcoin, put aside the time to watch this lesson from the master.

There seems to be universal agreement that Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the most capable spokesperson and most engaging advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the world, on both the broad societal and economic matters that concern everyone, and in the narrow technical specialities of the underlying cryptography and computer science.

However, even though his reputation has been publicly proven through dozens if not hundreds of stunning speeches, this performance has gobsmacked even the dyed-in-the-wool fans. Andreas delivers a submission to the Canadian Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce which is both razor sharp and crystal clear, even beyond the impassioned and inspiring speeches upon which his lofty reputation has been built.

The session includes a fairly deep and engaging Q&A component as the senators ask detailed questions that will appear to a Bitcoin-savvy audience to be both familiar and insightful and there are plenty of expertly rendered explanations for the notoriously tricky queries we Bitcoiners regularly hear.

Andreas you’re an inspiration and I look forward to buying you a beer at the next opportunity!

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