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Bitcoin and the History of Money

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Which came first – Credit Cards or the Australian Dollar

At the regular Sydney Bitcoin meetups recently I asked a group of fellow Australians which they think came first – the credit card or the Australian dollar? Knowing most of them (like me) were born after the Australian dollar was introduced … Continue reading

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Big Week in Bitcoin Events for Sydney

For those of you who slapped your knee in frustration and missed a previous Sydney Bitcoin Lunch, suggesting I write more reminders… here it is! So much has been going on in Bitcoinland and next week is a big one. … Continue reading

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Bank Innovation

Q: You have a bank branch in a prime city location. What do you do to address the real concerns of your customers in a world of rapid innovation and financial uncertainty? A: A “cash grab” booth:

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Names, Cocktail Parties and Triangles

I was recently asked what the number one problem that I believe Bitcoin will solve by the end of 2015. Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future (as physicists say to a round of hearty guffaws at Danish cocktail parties). Remittance to the developing world … Continue reading

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Bitcoin and Digital vs Virtual Currency

The funny thing is, “real money”, the dollars or euros we use every day are not very real at all. They are to real hard cash what virtual reality is to … reality. They don’t really exist, but you can pretend … Continue reading

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If Information Wants To Be Free Then So Does Money

If Bitcoin wants to be legitimate, then it’s going to have to pull its socks up! Are you sick of hearing this? Being a BlockZombie and never being able to get enough blockchain Bitcoin info, the Bitcoin UK podcast recently … Continue reading

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Expect Poor Imitations

Do you remember when the internet started to become part of the general public’s awareness? The jokes, the way people would throw in a emphatic “dot com” suffix to any phrase that was worthy for being tainted with nerd stink. … Continue reading

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Bitcoin-Obsessed Block Zombie

Is that you with red, drowsy eyes from all-night Bitcoin research, obsessively consuming all available cryptocurrency info, boring everyone around you to death while moaning, soullessly blockchains… blockchains! Yes? Then you too are a Block Zombie. How did this happen? Prior to “infection” you were … Continue reading

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