Big Week in Bitcoin Events for Sydney

For those of you who slapped your knee in frustration and missed a previous Sydney Bitcoin Lunch, suggesting I write more reminders… here it is!

So much has been going on in Bitcoinland and next week is a big one.

Sydney Bitcoin Lunch BurgerThis Tuesday July 22nd is your favourite and most nutritious Bitcoin project discussion, Sydney Bitcoin Lunch. If you’re not already a member of the Meetup, fix that now (it’s free) and we’ll see you over some great pub Thai at The Slip Inn.

Second, Caroline McLaren’s Future of Money event is on Wednesday evening where I’ll be on a panel with Jason Williams, President of the Bitcoin Association of Australia and Chris Guzowski, CEO and Founder at Australian Bitcoin ATMs. It’s being held at a unique new space called The Porter, a luxurious example of modern multipurpose design.
For more multisyllabic effusion: The Porter.  You want to register for this event.

Rounding out the week, the much anticipated international conference, Cryptocon comes to town with a big programme filling Thursday and Friday and featuring a number of high profile speakers. I’ll also be presenting on the topic of Distributed Identity, one of the most essential and urgent non-monetary uses of Bitcoin’s disruptive blockchain technology. If you are interested in Bitcoin do not miss this conference.

As always, hit me up with questions any time. @blockzombie



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